Net Neutered Mentality

I am endlessly amazed by the amount of fear-mongering going on in support of “Net Neutrality”. You don’t want corporations in control of the internet? They’re not, and never will be in any true sense of the word. They are in control of the delivery systems which bring you access to the internet. Those delivery systems, the infrastructure which we all just generally label the Internet, exist only because those very same corporations you’re terrified of created them, and brought them to you in an open market. Net Neutrality solves a problem that doesn’t exist, while granting excessive power to regulators who are by their very nature behind the curve in understanding current and future technologies. The term Neutrality itself is a fallacy; neutrality doesn’t exist in the FCC or Congress anymore than it exists in any given corporation or industry… corporations come and go though, and are exposed to market pressures, while government bureaucracies rarely disperse, are populated by the unelected and ambitious, and never voluntarily relinquish authority once granted.

If tomorrow we were told that FedEx and UPS have been destroying free communication and innovation in parcel delivery by offering different service levels with tiered pricing, and that we need Postal Neutrality so that they can’t discriminate by sending one customer’s package overnight while sending another’s via ground delivery, we would laugh, rightly, at the absurdity and hyperbole presented. For some reason though, we have been mesmerized by the same argument in regards to digital information technologies.

The Technology Liberation Front has done a great job of pointing out the contradictions in Net Neutrality, and is well worth a regular perusal.


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